Thursday, 14 April 2011

Stags 2-0 Baff City

Thursday 14th April 2011 - Blue Square Bet Premier

Free-bee !!!

Decide to go to this game as it was only a fiver admission - not ashamed of being tagged a cheapskate!! It got even better for us, although not for the club, as a Stags fan of long-standing gave us two comp tickets as we headed to the turnstiles.

After all the games we have been to this season, we have no qualms about getting in to one game for nothing!

Walked in the the QLE and immediately received a text " up here " from Rob Waite!  Up here, as it happens, was two rows from the top of the stand.... like climbing bloody Everest it was, and no doubt his blog will contain the pic and Kev and me half way up  - and all with no Sherpa Tensing!

Always great to be in Rob's company - I like laughing, and Rob is something of a comedian those who know him will testify!!

The game was poor for the first hour, but you could sense a goal was coming as the Stags had added a bit of urgency to their game and at least looked a little threatening. On 62 CONOR HIGGINSON managed to squeeze the ball past the Bath keeper at the thrid time of asking.  KYLE NIX smashed home a superb free-kick soon after, but then it was back to how it all began, and both Kev and me breathed huge sighs of relief as the Ref blew the final whistle. F-T 2-0

Had a chance to have a bit of a chat to James Palmer and Mel Furniss - we used to go all over the country when I was a "proper" Stags fan --  many moons ago......

Kev caught the Nix free-kick on here to have a look ( facebook video) . Rob caught us on to the66pow

Admission - nowt
Programme - didn't bother

Total outlay ..... £0.30 for the charity! 

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