Thursday, 23 September 2010

Kimberley Town 1-5 Dronfield Town

Thursday 23rd September - CML Supreme Division. This game was noticable for the lack of talent on view. None of the 22 players or substitues were known to us, and all were instantly forgettable. Dronfield may have won 5-1, but this was one of, if not THE worst game of the season so far.

Kimberley have yet to register a point in the CML Supreme Division, this made it played 7, lost 7. Dronfield will go top of the league after this result, but they will have to play better than this in the future if they want to stay there.
No. 6 scored for Dronfield on 26, then 10 minutes later no. 9 added two inside a minute. The visitors' no. 10 added the fourth just before the break. H-T 0-4

The best goal was the Dronfield fifth after 51 minutes - a corner in from the right headed powerfully home at the far post by the no.6 jacket. Kimberley's no. 11 netted on 56, but interest wained as the game dragged on and we were only too pleased to leave the Stag Ground -- the high point was that another £1.80 went into the APTCOO pot! F-T 1-5

Admission £3

H/C 40+

Saturday we're off to Carlton again - the mighty Gladiators of Matlock Town are the visitors to Stoke Lane in what should be an entertaining F.A. Cup tie.


  1. If this was your worst game of the season you have been very fortunate.As for the lack of talent,this was is CML which is not noted for being a production line of future stars.More a mix of never willbes or stars on their own planet.As for Dronfield they looked very ordinary.Pinxton are streets ahead of them.Kimberley on the other hand kept going,last seasons team of no-hopers would have given up and gone on to lose by a much greater margin.The young lads most of which had stopped up way past their bedtime and had forsaken their homework should be given credit for their endurance.Its not easy to keep going when you are 5-0 down just after half time.The goalkeeper had a good game for his age and size and the rest,with experience look as if they will a credit to the club.Its early days yet,but one day soon I will hopefully witness a Kimberley victory.

  2. Hi Alan...

    If the lads are so young, why are they not playing youth football? They were certainly out of their depth in this game, and that was against, as you say, a very ordinary team.

    As for being one of the worst games we have seen this season, only a couple come to mind to rival it ...Calverton 0-1 Newark and Clipstone 1-1 Carlton.

    Still, 37 games so far this season - can't complain really!