Saturday, 5 March 2011

Carlton Town 0-0 Glapwell

Saturday 5th March 2011 --- Evo-Stik Div 1 South

It had to happen sooner or later .. no, I'm not on about the Florists losing their unbeaten run - I'm on about us picking a 0-0 draw. Only the second one of the season, and it had to happen on our 100th game, didn't it !! Last one was on August 14th at Teversal. We took the new flag with us to Carlton although I can't see it seeing the light of day again if this is the kind of luck it's going to bring us!!!!


Pulled into the car-park just in time to see our friend Trev in his wheelchair. Trev left me all on my own on half-time on Thusday at Forest Town - but he explained that he had received a call from his mum who wasn't feeling too well. She is a bit better now, and I am relieved that it wasn't my company that sent him home!


I've completely forgotten how to write up a none-nonner, so I won't bother! All I will say is that it wasn't a bad game as scoreless games go, but Glapwell are what you'd call a "mardy" lot......we've never heard so many moans and cries when hard, and not so hard challenges went in. Yes, you could say it was a bit of a physical contest, and both sets of players gave as good as they got, but the play-acting by certain players really didn't help Referee Stuart Richardson.

Us and the flag

Brian Dennett gets in on the act!

Apparently one of the Carlton players was involved in a fracas as the teams left the pitch at half-time. Mr. Richardson was still leaving the pitch at the time and saw nothing - he quite rightly pointed this out to the teams and just calmed everyone down, instructing them to go to their respective changing rooms. We expected a bit of "afters" when the players came out for the second half, but thankfully all we got was a shout of "you punch like a girl" and the incident appeared to have been forgotten. F-T 0-0

Action shot from the game

None action shot !!

Probably the luckiest person in the ground was one of the Glapwell officials, who was nominated take Adam Kimberley to the hospital for a check up on an ankle injury after 35 minutes had been played. At least he didn't have to stay until the end!!

Admission £7
Programme £1.50
Attendance 69
Tea / coffee £0.60 / £0.70 - decent cuppa on a damp March afternoon.
Arnold U19 again on Monday - if the Eagle Valley pitch allows!


  1. Flagging Ada, you`ve gone all posh, as long as you don`t turn up with a Carlton Flag Malc!! Lol

  2. I think after it's 0-0 debut, it's going in the bin!!