Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Arnold U19 2-5 Handsworth U19

Monday 27th September -- North Midlands U19 Football League Div 1....

I wasn't going to write a blog entry for this game - it was a bonus game that I was going to take in on my own and do nothing other than watch the game with no notes, no pics etc.

As it turned out this was a splendid game of U19 football, with the players all totally committed to their respected causes, and this meant we were treated to a cracking 90 display. I say we, because I spent the game in the company of Richard "Wanderer" Lane, and we both enthused about the amount of young footballing talent on show.

This is where young talent should be playing -- and playing against their peers can only enhance their game.....

Richard had arrived at the ground a few minutes before me, and because there were hardly any cars in the car-park and the floodlights weren't switched on, he had turned around to go back to Newark! Luckily for him, as he was leaving the carpark the lights went on. I suspect he would have been a bit upset if he had gone home only to see that the game had gone ahead and he had missed a 7 goal treat.

The main reason for penning this entry is to say thank you to the players of Arnold Town and Handsworth - you dished up a treat - the only blot on the copybook was a bit of hand bags after the Referee awarded Handsworth a very odd penalty in the final minute of the game.

Scoring went as follows:-
Arnold 1-0 on 13 (no.10)
Handsworth 1-1 on 27 (no. 7)
Handsworth 1-2 on 30 (no. 11)
Arnold 2-2 on 35 (no. 8)
Handsworth 2-3 on 48 (no. 9)
Handsworth 2-4 on 67 (no. 10)
Handsworth 2-5 on 94 (no. 10 pen)

Admission £2 (inc programme)

Head count 50 (mostly parents of the players)

Next up - will be in the company of Wanderer again on 28th, as Newark Town visit Blidworth Welfare...

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