Thursday, 21 April 2011

APTCOO - thanks to all who have donated

As is now well known, we both donate £0.15 to APTCOO for every goal we notch up on our travels this season.  So far, we have seen 572 goal in 133 matches, along with 4 nil nil draws. 

By a strange coincidence,  572 goals, and the total received from other donations after Mrs. Tall-Lad's contribution is £572.00 !  So we began by promising £0.15 per goal, but aside from our humble efforts, other donations work out at £1.00 per goal.! Thanks everyone - we now know that the charity will benefit by £800.00 ! Brilliant!


  1. Great effort you guys, muchos respect :-)

  2. Thanks for your support, Rob. Surprised us both how everyone is so willing to give.

    But this was a one-off for me. 130 odd games and 250 blog posts this season is just far too many.