Friday, 29 April 2011

Season update --as we head into the last two weeks of the season

So far -- as we head into May....

Games -  140
Goals - 599
Average - 4.279

Charity - total so far £762.70
Donations = £579.00

"On The Road"  599 goals @ £0.30 per goal £179.70 plus 4 goal-less @ £1.00 = £183.70

Average "On The Road" donation 4.279 x £0.30 = £1.284 per game

Been fun, but also hard work getting all those games in --  but we have made some great new friends as well as strengthening relationships with old friends -- two weeks to go, and I for one, am ready for a rest -- trust me!

Total venues 30

Most visits
Heanor Town 13
Eagle Valley 12
Hollinwood Lane 11
Blidworth W 10
Watnall Road 9
Stoke Lane 8
Stag Ground 8
Pinxton 7
Fieldings 6
Plains Road 6
Kirklington Road 6


  1. When the curtain falls pal you need to pull up a seat, pour yourself a LARGE MALT and think "Well done Malcolm".

    Honest Malc, it`s top draw stuff what you`ve achieved this season.

    Regards; Dudsey

  2. Well and truly knackered ! Still a dozen or so games to go, then me and Glen Moray are going to get very well aquainted!!!!! Thanks for your support - see you soon I hope..



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