Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Monday night game postponed

We were scheduled to be at Unity's game against Worksop Town, but just as we were getting in the car, top blogger Rob Waite called to tell me the game was off, due to the pitch being frozen. No too bad for me and Kev, but Brian Dennett had just arrived from Underwood - in his efforts to save fuel, he was to travel with us to Calverton. Oh dear.
You have to feel for the youngsters from Worksop, and all the mums, dads and officials that had made the trip. Quite a hike on a Monday night for nowt!
Mr. Waite went home and published this on his excellent the 66pow blog..... The Dynamic Duo !! Duo yes, dynamic - I don't think so!
Me and Mr. Dennett made ourselves comfy round at Kev's, and we had a nice hour or so ripping each other to bits! Must admit, Brian seems to have taken a shine to Mrs. Kev - they get on really well.
So, no Monday night football, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday look promising...

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